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Welcome to Walker Pipe Repair, LLC.  My name is Mike Myers.  I now own and operate the smoking pipe repair portion of Walker Briar Works, offered by Dave Wolff for many years.  I have been working with Dave since 2011.  Dave has asked me to carry on the tobacco pipe repair portion of his business.  I will carry on the well earned reputation for quality workmanship and customer service that he has always provided pipe smokers and collectors.

I’ve been smoking, collecting, restoring, and selling estate pipes for something like 25 years. Guess I just love pipes and the whole ritual of pipe smoking. There’s nothing more relaxing.  That’s why nothing makes me happier than putting a pipe into fine shape so a customer can enjoy it.  I’ll offer all the same repair services that WBW has offered including “No-Scuff” stem repairs, restorations, ream-clean-buff-polish, and more (see the “Pipe Repairs” tab on the menu at the left).  I will continue to provide the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that customers of Walker Briar Works have come to expect.

-Mike Myers

I use the  No-Scuff shank replication process.  Pipe shanks are never touched during the repair process eliminating the possibility of briar damage. 

I never rush repairs at the expense of quality.  As a result, some repairs take  longer than I estimate.  In order for you to track the progress of your repairs I post an updated Pipe Repair Schedule and Repairs Shipped list every day. 

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Churchwarder Stems for Meerschaums!!!


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